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Specialties include:

  • Joint Replacement
  • Hand / Wrist Surgery
  • Concussion Management
  • Spine Surgery
  • Non-Operative Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Fracture Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Shoulder/Elbow

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Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, Pa, Liberty Orthopedics

Liberty Orthopaedics

1 Bartol Ave.
(Suite 100)
Ridley Park, PA 19078

P: 610-521-8970
F: 610-521-3983

When most people think of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, they usually think of it as home to the Boeing Chinook helicopter and NASA astronaut Daniel Tani, or a thriving fine restaurant and dining scene with an active cultural, music, and theatrical center providing the backdrop for a movie in 2012, as well as home to the many turn-of-the-century and colonial houses that have been preserved due to the efforts of the Ridley Park Historical Society.  

But Ridley Park is also home to Premier Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine's Liberty Orthopaedics Division. Residents looking for high quality orthopaedic help don't have to travel to a large, conglomerate hospital hours away from where they live in order to get state of art care. Top of the line orthopaedic surgery, treatment, rehabilitation or physical therapy is available right here in Ridley Park at Liberty Orthopaedics and Hand Center, in the corner of Taylor Hospital's Jones Medical Building.   

Liberty Orthopaedic Division's parent group, Premier, provides the Philadelphia area with the highest quality, comprehensive musculoskeletal care available, ever since being formed in 2000. The physicians and surgeons at Premier's facilities specialize in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, treatment of conditions using medications, surgery, exercise, or physical therapy, and rehabilitation or preventative care for ongoing conditions and diseases.   

Premier operates as a community-based physician's group and prides itself on treating patients in a highly caring, professional environment, and give their patients access to over 50 top-level orthopaedic surgeons in fifteen specialized locations.  All of the doctors participate in continuing education to ensure that their patients' treatment is on the cutting edge of medical progress. Premier values input from its patients and the community, and strives to make the neighborhoods it serves stronger, healthier, and better equipped to make medical and health decisions that will keep them mobile all throughout life.

Premier's Liberty Orthopedic Division in Ridley Park opened in 2001, bringing together some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Delaware County. Its staff features the President of Premier Orthopaedics, surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Malumed. It is also home to accomplished surgeons Dr. Gregory Tadduni and Dr. Armando Mendez specializing in hand and spinal orthopaedic issues respectively. In 2005, The Liberty Hand Center opened, expanding the treatment options available for patients in need of hand or wrist surgery. Other procedures that can be performed at Liberty Orthopaedics include shoulder surgery, wrist surgery, fracture care, open and arthroscopic knee surgery, and joint replacements.

Rounding out the staff at Liberty Orthopaedic is Dr. Joseph Stellabotte a physician who specializes in sports medicine and physical therapy.  The sports medicine program specializes in athletic injuries from repetitive stress, over-use, or traumatic contact with a hard surface. The physical therapy program is focused on regaining function and motion for patients so they can get on with their every day life and get back to doing the activities that they make them happy – whether that's a picnic with the grandchildren or running marathons. Each of our physicians has multiple certifications and has at least ten years of extensive training in their chosen field to be granted their specialty.

Liberty Orthopedic Division strives to bring a comprehensive, personal touch to all its treatment plans and remain open and accessible to its patients, tailoring its services to the people and local community that it serves. The physicians and staff keep the same patients' all the way through the treatment process from initial diagnosis, corrective procedures and therapy until the patient is ready to walk out the front door. Our physicians' ultimate goal is to help people remain mobile, happy, and healthy by providing the best in musculoskeletal medicine and treatment to all of the people right here in our community in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.

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